Friday, February 28, 2014

An Online Shop to Promote Awareness on Wildlife Conservation and Global Security

I am pleased to tell you that my onlineshop has opened recently. Actually, this shop shares common ideals with my policy advocacy. The shop deals with two areas, which are animal osteological specimens and history/military items. Those items are related to rulers of natural and human world. Therefore, they are masculine and fashionable.

As to osteological specimens, primary items are skulls of lions and tigers, the kings of wildlife. In history/military items, my shop imports American and British armed forces apparels and gears. Customers can enjoy the feel of the World Policeman. Also, history items related to great empires will be added to the goods line.

Merchandise sold at this shop is not just for hobby, but for education and public interest. It will promote awareness on wildlife conservation and global security, by feeling and touching items of the kings of the nature and the world policeman.