Saturday, September 30, 2006

Transatlantic Relations at the Crossroads: US-German Blog Carnival

As I have mentioned in America and Old Europe: A Review of 9/11+5, it is 5 years since 9/11. This is an important period to see how the transatlantic alliance evolves. Despite sore disagreements when the Iraq War broke out, America and Europe work closely together on Afghanistan and Mitteleuropa. NATO summit will be held this November to discuss the role of transatlantic alliance on a global scale at Riga, Latvia.

The Carnival on US-German Relations hosts bloggers who have keen interests on this key partnership to lead the free world. Two German bloggers present good summaries about this carnival. One is Karsten of Liberale Stimme. This is originally written in German, and the link is translated into English by Google. The other is David of Dialog International.

The relationship with Europe is the key to US foreign policy. Also, as an executive member of industrialized democracies, Japanese bloggers must not dismiss transatlantic relations. My fellow bloggers, don’t miss this carnival!