Monday, September 11, 2006

My 9-11

These days, Japanese bloggers talk about 9-6, when Princess Kiko gave birth to a new baby. On the other hand, American bloggers talk about 9-11. I had something special on both days. Neither babies nor terrorists came up to me.

I attended the fundraising forum on 9-6, and on 9-11 today, I met Mr. Hidemi Nagao, the author of “Eternal Japan-US Alliance.” I have mentioned the author before in Book Review: Eternal Japan-US Alliance. We talked at an Izakaya, a Japanese styled pub.

Mr. Nagao emphasized that we must not trust established opinion leaders blindly. Also, he said that we need to take initiatives to set new agendas. It was very nice to talk with him. He mentioned interesting stories about US and its allies' forces.

I hope I can make this 9-6 and 9-11 an important step.


Always On Watch said...

Perhaps a foolish question but what is a Japanese styled pub like?

Shah Alexander said...

Seeing is believing. This is the link.

You don't have to understand the language. Just see the photo.