Sunday, September 24, 2006

At Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office

As I mentioned in previous posts, “Establishing a Formal NPO” and “Japan-US Fund Raising Forum”, I am exploring to develop current blogging activity into establishing an officially accredited NPO. In late August, I visited NPO/NGO activity consulting organization, called Minsai Center Japan. However, I thought it necessary to talk to the authority, which offers official permission to establish NPOs. For this objective, I visited Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office on Friday September 22. I met a Metropolitan official of Life and Culture Bureau, who is in charge of NPO affairs.

As I have not brought any documents this time, it was without reservation and I had a short consultation (10 to 15 minuets). For regular consultation with a Metropolitan official before submitting application documents, I have to make an appointment, and bring most of documents filled in. I am overwhelmed with a huge volume of documents to fill in. At the regular consultation, NPO applicants can talk with the staff for 45 minuets. Therefore, I booked the regular consultation on November 2. It is quite a long time to wait for this reserved date, but I have to lots of documents to fill out by the regular consultation with a Metropolitan staff. According to the Tokyo government official, there are many organizations applying for official NPO recognition, and this is why it takes a long time to wait for reservation.

I have lots of things to do until I fill out the form and submit them to apply for official NPO recognition. It takes 4 month to wait for official permission from the Metropolitan government since application. I have to consume much time and energy to get through bureaucratic procedure, but official recognition makes non-profit activities much easier.