Sunday, September 24, 2006

Blog Carnival on US-German Relations

The Blog Carnival on US-German Relations will be held on September 24, which is co-sponsored by Atlantic Review, a blog published by Fulbright alumni in Germany, and GM Roper, a conservative blog in the United States. Global American Discourse submit 2 posts: “NATO More Active on Global Security: From Brussels to Riga” and “America and Old Europe: A Review of 9/11+5.”

This blog has participated in the carnival for a couple of times. The objective of this carnival is to promote policy dialogues and mutual understandings between the United Sates and Germany, or more broadly the United States and Europe. Most of the posts are written in English, and some are in German.

As it is September, you will find many posts on 9/11 (I understand English, but not German. If you have confidence in both languages, see this link. Not all of them are policy oriented. Some are on entertainment like the movie “United 93.”

As it is always the case, I am the only participant outside the Atlantic area. The US-European relationship is the anchor of global stability and liberal democracy. You can see blogs of good quality at the carnival. See this link.