Sunday, June 24, 2007

At Tokyo Legal Affairs Bureau

As I mentioned in a previous post, entitled “At Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office”, I am considering seriously establishing a formally accredited advocacy group. I went to the Metropolitan government again, since then.

At first, I thought of applying for the status of “special non-profit incorporation”, which is the standard category for non-profit organizations. However, Metropolitan government officials told me that my objective of founding an advocacy group is too political. Usually, they say, welfare-oriented organizations are likely to be accepted for special non-profit incorporation by Metropolitan government executives. Most of civic organizations for public interest focus on non-political agendas, like human rights, gender, environment, empowerment, development, and so forth.

Instead, they advised me to apply for “intermediate incorporation”, which is between “special non-profit incorporation and foundational incorporation. In this case, it is not necessary to have 10 signatories. Nor, do I have to host a general assembly to establish the incorporation. Everything is quicker and easier than establishing a special non-profit incorporation.

In order to consult more in detail about intermediate incorporation, I went to the office of Tokyo Legal Affairs Bureau near my residence. I do not have a law degree, thus, administrative procedure is extremely complicated. I come across many technical jargons. I would like to manage these difficulties, and succeed in establishing an intermediate incorporation, in order to reinforce advocacy activities.