Saturday, January 31, 2015

Is This a Male Oriented blog?

The Japanese language version of this blog, which is provided by Nifty, is equipped with a detailed access counter system. According to the counter, 95.4% of the visitors of this month are male, at 20:24, January 31. Other months are more or less the same.

It was 97.4% last November, 96.1% last October, 98.0% last September, 93.6% last August, and 85.2% last July. Statistics for last December is not available. It is difficult to identify the gender of some visitors for the provider.

But why so male oriented? There are numerous female bloggers keenly interested in political and social issues, but security agendas may not draw their attention. I wish my Google blog were equipped with more detailed access counter so that I could compare trends of Japan and the English speaking world. Are Japanese women too “feminine”, or Anglophone women more “masculine”? That would be an interesting question.

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