Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Presentation on History and Current Politics of Islam and the Middle East

I gave a presentation about the following issue on November 17, hosted by Masaaki Mezaki, an international cultural analyst. We had active discussions at the event on a broad range of topics from history to current politics.

Title: The Future of Islam and the Global Community

1. Introduction
Basic terms on Islam, such as Sunni, Shiite, jihad, and so forth

2. Islam and Secularism: A Review of History
Attention to Islam Japanese Relations as well!: The Impact of the Meiji Restoration on Turkey and Iran

3. Democratization and Modernization in the Islamic World: Can we wipe out the roots of terrorism?

4. Problems of Modern Middle East
Is Israel over criticized?
Anti-modernization in Islam: The Iranian Revolution and the Rise of Islamic Traditionalism

5. Recent Problems
Tensions over Iran’s Nuclear Project
Pro or Con on US Withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan