Sunday, August 08, 2010

A New Contribution to Another Thinktank Online

I have contributed a commentary to another think tank online called Hyakka Somei of the Council on the East Asian Community, which is an affiliate organization of the Japan Forum on International Relations and the Global Forum of Japan.

The commentary is based on a post on this blog which explores Japan’s distinct position in East Asian history. Japan had been out of the Chinese Confucianist order in the pre-modern era. After the Opium War, Japan has become one of the Great Powers along with Europe and America. Considering such Japanese national identity, Japanese foreign policy should be founded on a staunch alliance with the United States, rather than meddling between America and China.

If you understand Japanese, see the link 1 and 2 to read the commentary. I consider writing a column for journals and papers, to make myself much more widely known and draw public attention to my advocacy as argued on this blog.

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