Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Membership for the Japan Forum on International Relations

I applied for the regular membership of the Japan Forum on International Relations. My membership wills start from April.

JFIR is one of the few independent foreign policy think tanks in Japan. When the Iraq War broke out, JFIR advised the Koizumi administration to support the United States as North Korea poses critical threats to Japan.

My first contact with JFIR began when one of its staffs invited me to contribute some commentaries to JFIP policy discussion board, Hyakka Saiho. They saw blog posts on Global American Discourse.

Also, I was invited for the regular membership of their policy discussion forum. I have decided to accept this, for the quest of personal contacts in Japanese and global political corridors, and fundraising for my advocacy activity. I hope the membership will be a good opportunity for a further step up.

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