Sunday, February 28, 2010

Publication in the Policy Review of the Global Forum Japan

The Global Forum Japan, a Japanese think tank that hosted the Japan-Black Sea Area Dialogue mentioned in a previous post, sent me a notification that my commentary to their policy discussion board called “Giron Hyakushutu”, will be published in their policy review in April.

I feel very honored that my commentary was chosen among those contributed to “Giron Hyakushutu” by Japan’s eminent politicians, bureaucrats, academicians, and commentators.

As shown in those links (1 and 2), I insist that Japan should explore much more assertive foreign policy in the Black Sea-Caspian-Middle East area in close partnership with the United States and Europe, based on historical ties with Turkey and Iran as both nations pursued modernization modeled after the Meiji Revolution.

I am delighted to hear the news of publication this time.