Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Ex Prime Minister Tony Blair Addresses the Case for Military Intervention against Extremists

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair gave a lecture, entitled “Faith and Globalization” at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs on April 22. In this lecture, Former Prime Minister Blair argued against criticism to the Anglo-American intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan, and said that the use of force had become more necessary than ever (“Force must be an option – Blair”; BBC News; 23 April 2009).

I talk of this event, because the global public does not understand the threat of Islamic radicalism and repressive regimes. Also, some opinion leaders distract attentions from those threats to past European colonialism and American global hegemony. Tony Blair tells they are entirely wrong. This lecture presents significant policy implications to US allies in Europe and Japan, because all of us face common dangers.

As a leader of conscience and global respect, Former Prime Minister Blair played a crucial role to legitimize the War on Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan, while leftist media criticized the Cowboy Diplomacy by President-then George W. Bush.

Tony Blair articulated “I still believe that those who oppress and brutalize their citizens are better put out of power than kept in it.” He believes that such oppressive regimes be toppled through military intervention by leading democracies if necessary.

The threat is widespread throughout the Middle East and the war is prolonged “Because it is based on an ideology and because its roots are deep, so our strategy for victory has to be broader, more comprehensive but also more sharply defined.”

In addition, Blair refuted widespread misunderstandings that British colonialism in the past and the foundation of Israel are the cause of Middle East instability. To the contrary, he pointed out that deep root of extremism must be weakened through active intervention.

In addition to military intervention, Blair stressed that the West should help empowerment of Islamic societies, and endorse moderate Muslims, in order to eradicate the roots of extremism.

Regarding Pakistan whose commitment to the War on Terror is questioned currently, Blair told it preferable to assist social reform, instead of military action.

For detail, you can read the text, and listen to the audio from those links. Global liberals were overjoyed with the inauguration of President Barack Obama, but they must understand the nature of the War on Terror. It does not change whether the President is Bush or Obama. Tony Blair’s lecture will be a great help for you to understand this vital point.