Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Fundraising Seminar for Public Interest Activities

In my view, quite a few of those who publish a blog on politics are interested in launching some kind of public interest and advocacy activities by themselves. Activities they think of may not be hardcore political ones as I do. Some of them want to be involved with politically neutral and humanitarian activities. If I were to get involved in such activities seriously, I need capital such as infrastructure and money. Is it enough for you just to publish an anonymous blog? (Some bloggers use their real names with their photos on their blog, and others show their real names and photos on regular styled websites linked to their blogs just as I do.)

The Society of Endorsing Activities by Citizens (SEAs) in Tokyo holds fundraising seminars to support those who are ardent in their pursuit for public interest activities. In my case, though I have found an intermediate incorporation (an organization between social incorporation and NPO incorporation), it has no capital at this stage. If someone wants to advocate some social issues, information of better quality is indispensible. Also, travel fee to attend international conferences is necessary.

The final seminar of this year was held at the Japan Foundation on November 26. I have attended the 4th and the 5th seminar. I am a complete layman on fundraising, but I am beginning to understand some basic concept of it.

A reception party was held along with this seminar, and I had some opportunities to talk with guest speakers. I hope I can start something concrete for fundraising of my own advocacy.

Those who are really interested in starting public interest activities, and political bloggers who want to do something beyond anonymous blogging, listen to me! Find an agenda of your focus, and then, contact SEAs.