Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Peril of Terrorist President Barack Obama

The most serious concern in the forthcoming US presidential election is that American voters are extremely upset with recent economic crisis. Once the public become cool headed, Obama’s incompetence and inaptitude for president will be apparent. Though Senator Obama criticizes Bush economic policy, he is no expert on the economy. His personal ties with William Ayers and Reverend Jeremiah Wright are serious defect as the Commander in Chief. This is beyond moral issue. America is at war against terrorists.

Allies worry Obama’s possible presidency. It is the third time to mention that Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, hopes to sign a bilateral security agreement with the United States before the election. Apparently, Foreign Minister Zebari does not trust Barack Obama.

Iraq is not the only ally that is seriously concerned with Barack Obama. Japanese policymakers and opinion leaders are critically dismayed with the rise of Obama. Despite political hurdles of pacifist constitution and isolationist public opinion, Japan has made unprecedented contribution to America’s war in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, Japanese leaders worry that Democrats see China more important than Japan.

Former Chief of National Security Chamber Atsuyuki Sassa insists that Senator John McCain is much more preferable for Japan, in view of threats posed by North Korea and China (Seiron: Hopefully, McCain Win the Election”; Sankei shimbun; March 28, 2008). Also, Yoshihisa Komori, a leading pro-American conservative, says that he was impressed with John McCain’s sincere expectation to Japan as a key US ally. While McCain demands Japan’s active involvement in global security, he defends Japan in trade and economic negotiations. Komori says McCain is the man whom Japan can trust (“Republican McCain’s sincere viewpoints to Japan”; Nikkei Bizinesu; February 12, 2008).

Actually, it is John McCain who defends Japanese position on North Korea. The Bush administration removed this rogue regime from the terrorist list. While Senator Barack Obama approved this deal, Senator John McCain criticized it because of insufficient consideration to the Japanese abductee issue. McCain warns that this agreement with North Korea will ruin the US-Japanese alliance which is the keystone of Asia-Pacific security.

Foreign policy is not the only weakness of Obama. In the economy, two Japanese economists named Masashi Murakami and Reiko Osawa argue that Obama will not hesitate to devalue dollar, which will curb export to US market from Japan and Asian economies (“What is the CHANGE: Analyzing the Obama Risk”; Nikkei Bizinesu; August 18, 2008). Judging from what they say, Barak Obama is not the right leader to manage international policy coordination to overcome this economic crisis.

Barack Obama received an F grade in foreign policy and national security when he talked with General David Petraeus. He is not strong in the economy. Some people may say OJT will make Obama a good president. At least, he is an excellent communicator. A blog roll site of Global American Discourse, Always on Watch quotes a comedian Jackie Manson.

Barack Obama is popular because of the way he looks, the way he talks, and the way he presents himself – but remember that’s his field of expertise. His primary accomplishments include looking good, lying with a straight face, and associating himself with powerful radical activists. When you think about it, he is exactly who un-American liberals want living in the White House.

Yes, it is his association with radical activists that makes his fundamental creed questionable for the presidential job. William Kristol, neoconservative columnist of the New York Times, says that Obama’s relationship with William Ayers and Reverend Jeremiah Wright must be questioned seriously (“The Wright Stuff”; New York Times; October 5, 2008). John McCain criticizes that Obama is not honest about his connections with those domestic terrorists (“McCain: Ayers ‘Still Wants to Destroy America’”; Weekly Standard Blog; October 13, 2008). If Obama is willing to destroy America, and devastate a liberal world order, it is no use to offer any kind of OJT to him.

The most serious problem is that quite a few supporters of Barack Obama, both in the United States and abroad, are cultic. Currently I conduct some opinion polls on the website of a Japanese information survey company, called Yoron When I say something satirical to Obama on this site, Obamanias in Japan called me a racist. It is quite Orwellian. Once you criticize Obama, his supporters label you a racist. Can people in America and the world wake up from cult memorization by Barack Hussein Obama, a friend of terrorist?

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