Sunday, April 06, 2008

New Book by the Author of “Eternal Japan-US Alliance”

Mr. Hidemi Nagao , the author of “Eternal Japan-US Alliance” (published in Japanese), has released a new book again at the end of last March. This blog has mentioned about him in a previous post, entitled “Book Review: Eternal Japan-US Alliance”. In the recently published book, “Japan Desperately Needs Nuclear Energy”(原発が日本を救う), Mr. Nagao talks about Japanese energy policy, instead of the US-Japanese alliance.

In the introduction, he argues that Japan needs more nuclear power plants, in order to meet the demand of cutting CO2 emission to manage the climate change problem, which is one of critical agendas at the Lake Toya Summit this June.

In addition, Mr. Nagao advocates further nuclear power plants construction use, because Japan must be self-reliant on its energy supply. Considering high price of oil and gas, and shortage of food supply because of soaring demand for bio ethanol production, he says it absolutely necessary to expand the use of nuclear energy.

Quite importantly, he points out that it is politically risky to depend on importing oil and gas from the Middle East and Russia.

Mr. Nagao elaborates to shed widespread concerns among the public, regarding the safety of nuclear power plants. Most importantly, he suggests that we build mega floats, in order to have construction sites for the plant and manage dangers resulting from earthquakes. I believe this idea worthy of further research, in order to keep the effect on marine environment and coastal fishery as little as possible.

Like it or not, it is necessary to diversify energy supply. Mr. Nagao stresses that Japan must pursue energy independence to be a real partner in the global community.

“Japan Desperately Needs Nuclear Energy” sets crucial agendas to discuss energy and security. This book has been published just recently, and it is not available at dealers on the web such as Amazon. Please make a phone call to ERC Press in Tokyo, at +81-(0)3-3479-2151.