Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Going to NHK Studio Tomorrow

As I mentioned in the previous post, NHK TV Program "Japan at the Crossroads": Reconsider the Pacifist Constitution, a program on Japan’s pacifist constitution will be aired tomorrow. I am invited to the studio as a representative of the public. One of my Japanese blog friends, Earl of Alamein, will come to the studio. He and I will be an axis of pro-change, pro-American, and pro-postwar regime change. Both of us will present forward-looking and completely different viewpoints from those of retrospective rightists and leftists.

For my advocacy activity, I have been keeping in touch with Albion, currently an MBA student at the University of Denver. I appreciate his help very much. However, I have not seen most of the friends on the blog. I understand their attractive personality and intelligence, although some of them misidentify Shocker (an organization of super villains in Japanese SF hero series, Kamen Rider). Yes, he is too liberal.

It will be a great opportunity to see Earl of Alamein. See you on the program tomorrow!