Saturday, April 28, 2007

Back from Computer Trouble!

Due to computer trouble, Global American Discourse stopped publishing the blog for a week. But this blog is back now!

There are too many issues, which I need to discuss on this site. Currently, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visits the United States to discuss vital issues, such as the future of the US-Japanese alliance and security of the Korean Peninsula. I would like to write a post on this matter shortly afterwards. Also, I think of discussing the following affairs, including French election, British election, US nonproliferation policy against Iran and North Korea, the Iraq problem, missile defense in Europe, and so forth.

In addition, I would like to talk about history. Quite recently, I found some interesting posts on historical revisionism in Germany on the Atlantic Review. As nationalists are rising moderately in Japan, it is important to mention it on this blog. It is quite odd that people talk about World War Ⅱ in the era of the War on Terror. Chinese and Koreans are odd as well. They are still traumatized with the comfort women problem during the wartime. Well….. The War on Terror is not their primary concern.

Albion may contribute a post on East Asia. He is an MBA student now, and quite busy. But he is willing to write a commentary, and I shall appreciate your kind attention to his post.

Any way, Global American Discourse is back now! Thank you in advance for your continual interest in this blog.