Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Invitation to an American Blog Community

I have received an e-mail from a recently established blog community, called National Security Blogggers. The mission of this online community is mentioned as the following.

Across the Internet, there are tens of millions of bloggers from every corner of the world. Many are dedicated to their craft, much like an author or a journalist. Unfortunately, many of these bloggers toil away in obscurity, with few people knowing of their natural talents.

National Security Bloggers is part of a larger network, attempting to give these bloggers a megaphone to their voice.

I saw some articles from the member on the top page. Various issues, from FBI, CIA, Iran, Iraq, and so forth, are discussed.

It is a good opportunity for Global American Discourse to join National Security Blogggers, and become more broadly known to bloggers throughout the world. This online community has just started, and it is expected to grow furthermore. Global American Discourse will join this community. I may mention some interesting posts in the future.