Tuesday, October 10, 2006

North Korea’s Bomb Test and US Leadership: Don’t Forget Iran!

Today, Global American Discourse has changed its blog schedule, and post urgent article on North Korean Nuclear Crisis. I am referring to an article by George Perkovich, Vice President at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Perkovich insists on prompt action by the United States to stop nuclear arms race in the Far East, and prevent Iran’s nuclear ambition. For this purpose, he argues that the United States take leadership to involve Japan, South Korea, and China in intensive diplomacy to prevent nuclear arms race in this region. It is understandable that he is somewhat concerned with Japan’s potential quest for nuclear weapon, in face of North Korean threat. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe suggested it in the past. I agree with him that it is vitally important that the United States lead an intense and sustained effort with Japan, South Korea and China to clarify each other's intentions and policies in ways that avoid any nuclear competition.

China is a key actor, and the United States will have to work together to identify a common bottom line with this country, he says. True. There is no doubt that China is also concerned with nuclear non-proliferation. The problem is whether China gets involved in diplomacy as an honest partner. This country is always considering winning strategic advantages in power games in the Asia-Pacific region.

It is worth to notice that Perkovich insists on UN actions to prevent further test by North Korea even if the last test turned out to be failure. Probably, Kim Jong Il wants something from the United States. China and South Korea lost face with this bomb test. In my eyes, North Korea thinks light of both patrons, and wants to talk with America through embarrassing the world. All right, but its habitual deceit must be seriously considered at the UN Security Council. China and Russia must stand tough against North Korea to make it understand that such deceit will not work for further talks.

In addition, we must not forget the test’s impact on Iran. George Perkovich says that Iranian hardliners watch interactions among permanent members of UN Security Council. Furthermore, I would like to call an attention that Iranian officials were invited to the missile test launching site this July. The Axis of Evil poses increasing danger to the global community.

Whether the test was a success or a failure, I strongly believe it necessary to reconsider Clinton diplomacy on North Korean nuclear negotiations. North Korea deceived Jimmy Carter, Special Envoy of the Clinton administration. Those treacherous leaders acquired nuclear plant fuels and facilities without keeping promises. The other day, Fox News questioned Bill Clinton on terrorism. I believe that Fox News invite the former president, and talk about North Korea again. Otherwise, the devilish dictator will continue to befool us.