Sunday, August 06, 2006

Exploring Donation

Last Friday, I went to the Japan Foundation Center in Shinjuku, Tokyo. There are directories and data on foundations for financial assistance in academic research, cultural exchange, and civic activities.

Currently, I am engaged in advocacy activities through the blog with some fellows. However, in order to write much higher quality posts on the blog, I need more money to have an access to better information sources and personal contacts. If I were to do something more, like holding events and publishing brochures, more money is necessary. Actually, I could have attended more policy circle events, if I could stay longer on my visit to Washington DC last November.

Despite some constraints, my fellows and I have accomplished something with this blog. One of the posts was listed as a related blog in Time Online. A Japanese portal site company, Hatena, introduces Global America Discourse one of highly recommended blogs on international relations as follows.

“The writer of this blog has good academic backgrounds in international relations, and his viewpoints are close to those of hawk opinion leaders in the United States. His posts are well analyzed and insightful.”

I am delighted with these achievements. However, I need some financial assistance to develop current activities furthermore. Unfortunately, the Japan Foundation Center does not have any contacts with funding organizations for political movements. I have to explore another way for big money. Anyway, Global American Discourse will appreciate your continual support.