Sunday, February 12, 2006

New Projects: Special Report on Iran, etc

I will launch a new project to discuss important policy issues in global affairs. To begin with, I will publish special reports on Iran. Professor Kazuo Takahashi of the Open University in Japan says that the Iran issue will be the most critical problem this year. In the special report, I will talk about Iran’s foreign relations with big powers, the United States and EU3 (Britain, France, and Germany), but also Russia, China, Japan, and India. I will mention Iran’s neighbors and non-state actors like terrorist groups as well. I will write about resistance movements by Iranians themselves.

There are following websites of Iranian resistance. They are helpful source of information.

Reza Pahlavi Secretariat
Regime Change Iran (home page)
Regime Change Iran (blog)
National Council of Resistance of Iran
Lion & Sun

Also, I will refer to Japanese opinion leaders as well. Mostly, I have been using American and some European sources. I believe it very important to pick up Japanese opinion. This will be some help for foreigners to understand Japanese perspectives. First, I will write about discussions between Professor Terumasa Nakanishi of Kyoto University and Professor Shoichi Watanabe of Sophia University, which are on historical evaluation of the Anglo-Japanese alliance and lessons for Japanese foreign policy today.

Next post will be on State of the Union address by President George W. Bush.