Saturday, January 14, 2006

Good News from Iraq: Rebels Divided!

Just briefly, I would like to mention good news from Iraq. According to the International Herald Tribune yesterday (and also, the New York Times), the Islamic Army, an Iraqi insurgence group, decided to fight against Al Qaeda. Qaeda guerillas are Arabs from abroad, and Iraqi rebels are increasingly infuriated to see foreign insurgents kill too many Iraqis. Since October last year, Iraqi rebels and Al Qaeda confront each other.

This split is coinciding with the Sunni Arab’s participation to new political process in Iraq. The Sunnis see foreign militants with resentment. Some Iraqi insurgents, including the Islamic Army and Muhammad’s Army say that they feel happy when US forces kill Al Qaeda members.

After all, people realize what is the beat for Iraq, despite criticism to the United States. Once the regime change begins, no one can stop it. As I mentioned in my previous post, “Pro or Con on American Attack against Iraq before the War”, even war opponent opinion leaders are cooperative to postwar reconstruction. Hoever, some commentators and civic organizations encourage terrorists up-rising through continuing negative campaigns against US-lead operations. They do not assume any responsibility to any damages in Iraq, but simply pursue their satisfaction to promote their leftist agenda. Who’s to be blamed for postwar upheaval? The coalition forces, or terrorists? This is apparent. I wonder why those leftists promote shaming? Had there not been their misbehavior, things would have improved much earlier.