Thursday, December 15, 2005

The German-American Blog Carnival

On December 11, I attended a blog carnival of the US-German relations hosted by the Atlantic Review and Mr. George M. Roper. The Atlantic Review is founded by three German Fulbright scholars. Their objective is to promote better understanding between Germany and the United States through their blog. They take up a broad range of topics on the transatlantic relationship, including foreign relations, defense, economics, US politics, and Iran issues. Mr. Romper is an American, brought up in Germany. He is a professional counselor and instructor at the University of Texas-Pan American. On his blog, he discusses various issues on American politics from conservative viewpoints.

The Carnival invited 21 bloggers from both sides of the Atlantic. I am the only participant outside the Atlantic area. I contributed my post, “Bush Foreign Policy: Improving with Europe, Straining with Asia.” In the post, I argued that Merkel as a leader from New Europe would change the transatlantic relations, and the days of De Gaulle and Adenauer had gone.

Participant bloggers focuses on new transatlantic relationship in the post Cold War era, and the effect of the Iraq War on the US-German relations. Contributors discuss such issues from various aspects and viewpoints. For further information, please read Carnival of German American Relations. You will find this event an invaluable opportunity to understand the transatlantic partnership, which is the key to world peace and prosperity.