Sunday, August 14, 2005

Question: Is American Intervention Right or Wrong?

This is a vital question to discuss US foreign policy, world order, and ultimately, regime change. In my view, people all over the world cherish ambivalent feeling to American intervention. A mere glance at world affairs, it seems that the United States is always at odds with the global civil society. This is not true. A careful review on US foreign policy will show this fact to you. During the Iraq War, numerous self-called “grassroots” groups condemned US attack on Saddam Hussein. However, strangely enough, these groups and activists requested US intervention in Liberia. Moreover, they petitioned the United States to pressure Burma to stop human rights violation. Usually, they blame American intervention for arrogance, belligerence, and megalomania. What happened with them?

The key to this problem lies in the nature of the USA itself. America is a republic, and an empire as well. As a republic, America is a land of civil liberty, and abstains from dirty power politics in the Old World. On the other hand, as an empire, America imposes stability and a liberal world order throughout the globe. No one doubts that the American Empire today is the successor to the British Empire under Queen Victoria. The United States assumes a mission to prevail liberal values and stable world order with coercive power. Global citizens have mixed feelings to this mission.

So, what’s your viewpoint? Is American intervention right, or wrong? I look forward to your answer.