Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Blog Review: Interested in Africa?

Africa was one of the main subjects at the Gleneagles summit this summer. I would like to introduce an interesting blog published by Jackaranda, a retired lady in Perthshire, Scotland. This is around Edinburgh, and quite close to Gleneagles. She spent much of her life in Africa in her youth.
In her blog, “News-Views-Thoughts-Photos-Animals”, she talks of news, reports, and some comments on Africa and wildliefe. Currently, terrorism, underdevelopment, and environment pose serious challenge to the global community. These problems are deeply associated with repressive regimes.

One of the most oppressive government know in Africa is Zimbabwe. President Robert Mugabe maintains his dictatorship since the independence in 1980. He impoverishes his country, canes white citizens, and tortures wild animals. On her blog site, Jackaranda shows a letter from Cathy Buckler, well-known writer on Zimbabwe.

For those whose interest is on terrorism and Middle East democracy, she writes some posts of North African issues. Countries like Egypt and Algeria are key focuses.

Finally, I would like to mention wildlife. Environmental groups and activists tend to pay much attention to multinational corporations. However, the most devastating factor to the ecology is corrupted despot. In Zimbabwe, for example, Mugabe encourages starved people to kill wild animals for food. It is his economic policy that starves his people.

Jackaranda presents news and her viewpoints on African affairs in her blog. Once you read her posts, you will understand her deep love to Africa, and wholehearted affection to the wildlife.